Skarekrow Vector Graphics
Skarekrow Vector Graphics - Who are Skarecrow?

Skarekrow provides a vectorizing service specialising in the conversion of raster / bitmap image files like jpg, gif, tif, or from files such as doc,ppt or pdf, into scalable, resolution-independent vector eps, ai, cdr (or whatever format you need).

Suitable for commercial & specialty printers, signs & banners, engravers, embroidery, t-shirt printing or web use. 

Skarekrow can also create a vector file from a scanned pencil draft or rough sketch. We can also design company logos, Illustrations, Cartoons and web graphics.

All our vectors are hand drawn for accuracy.

As easy as A-B-C
a) Upload your file(s) to get a quote
b) Get a Proof  within 2 - 24 hours (unless otherwise specified)
c) Get your Vector by making a payment 

Skarekrow Vector Graphics - What are Vector Graphics?

Vector graphics are made up separate objects that can be freely edited, resized, coloured, flipped, rotated, copied and moved. Each object consists of a number of known points called 'nodes'. Each node anchors the outline of the object and determines the shape of the outline using 'Control Handles'.


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