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Skarekrow Vector Graphics - Our Pricing Guide

Every job is unique and I will quote on each and every job. The price depends on many things including complexity, clarity of the original image, font identification and how quickly you want the job doing. You can reduce the cost of a job by sending the clearest image you have, especially if it is a pdf file and by letting me know if you can identify the fonts used in the image.

We do try to turn jobs around in 24hrs but often it will be a lot less. If you need a job doing very quickly just ask. We will try our very best to help you out. The only time we would charge more for this is if the image is very complex or if we have a lot of jobs in a queue. Either way we will let you know the price before we start the job.

We generally charge £25 per hour with a minimum of half an hour (£12.50). If you have a number of very simple images then send them together as one job. I may be able to do more than one within the minimum time.

Below I will post a variety of images and the cost per job. I will also try to explain how I came up with that price.

These are just a guide to give you an idea of how much your job will cost.

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Click an image to zoom in and then move your mouse to view around the image.

Community Mowing

This kind of graphic would normally be in the £12.50 bracket but the logo on the front of the mower was not really clear and I had to spend time researching mower manufacturers on-line before I found a logo clear enough to re draw. Consequently it cost £25

Kestrel FM Logo

This is an example of a simple vector logo conversion.The original jpg was quite clear and the fonts were identified by the Client.
So £12.50


This is another deceptive one.

This image looks more complicated than it really is. The fonts were easy to recognise and the ships wheel is made up of circles and one spoke duplicated 11 times so was quite quick to draw. This image was £12.50
So go ahead and send me an image for a quote. I may be cheaper than you think.

Oops, Another picture of me

How did that get in there?




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