Skarekrow Vector Graphics
Skarekrow Vector Graphics - File Upload Guide

We can only accept files that are valid versions of the following the formats :
pdf, jpg, gif, png, tiff, ai, eps, cdr (not a disc image), doc and ppt.
If your file is in any other format then email or call us and we'll see what we can do.

The combined size of your files cannot exceed 15Mb.

If you recognise any of the fonts in the jobs you send me, please include the font name(s) in the form. This will greatly reduce the amount of time a job will take and the cost to you.

If you have multiple versions of the image you want me to de-draw, send them all. Especially if you have them in different file formats. The more detail an original image contains the easier it is for me to re-draw it and the cheaper it will be.

If you have a pdf file containing the image you want me to re-draw please send it. This is the single best way of saving money when using In fact you could save so much money you could get your vector graphic for FREE. That's right. If I receive a pdf containing a usable vector file, I will extract it and send it back to you FREE OF CHARGE.

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