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Skarekrow Vector Graphics - What are Vector Graphics?
And how do they differ from Bitmap images

Most people are familiar with Bitmap -AKA Raster- graphics even if you didn't know what they were called. The vast majority of images you come across on a daily basis on your computer and on the web will be bitmap images.

They are made up of fixed 'pixels' (short for Picture Elements.) Pixels are blocks of colour. Each pixel is a single colour and has a coordinate so the computer knows where in the picture to place the pixel.

Bitmaps are great for Complicated images like photos that have hundreds or thousands of colours. The problem with bitmaps is they are difficult to edit, tricky to resize and you can't use bitmap images with a vinyl cutter or CNC machine. Popular bitmap file types are .jpg, .gif, .tiff and .png

Vector graphics are not made up of pixels. Vectors are the graphical representation of a mathematical formula. But don't let that scare you as you just work on the graphic side, the computer does all the maths.
Vector graphics are made up separate objects that can be freely edited, resized, coloured, flipped, rotated, copied and moved.
Each object consists of a number of known points called 'nodes'. Each node anchors the outline of the object and determines the shape of the outline using 'Control Handles'.

The practical upshot of all this is Vector graphics can be resized without loss of quality. They can be coloured, have objects added or taken away and endlessly tweaked and they always remain pin sharp.

If you use a vinyl cutter or a CNC machine you will need vector graphics as these devices do not recognise bitmaps.

Vector graphics tend to have a smaller file size than an equivalent bitmap so are easier to send across a network.

One of the most important differences between the two formats is this. Vectors can very easily be converted to bitmaps but bitmaps are difficult to convert to vectors. If you have an important image as a vector, don't convert it to a bitmap without first making a copy of it.

If you have a bitmap image that you need re-drawing as a vector please feel free to e-mail me for a quote or upload your image using the form on the right.

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